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"For more than 450 years, the school has provided outstanding educational opportunities for able young people in Coventry and the surrounding area."

King Henry Vlll is a co-educational day school comprising the Junior School with 230 pupils and the Senior School with over 800 pupils. There is an equal mix of boys and girls. The schools share 11 pleasant acres near the centre of Coventry, and use a further 18 acres of playing fields less than two miles away.

The school was founded on 23 July 1545 by John Hales, Clerk to the Hanaper (the department of the Chancery handling payments for the sealing and enrolment of charters) under Letters Patent of King Henry VIII. For more than 450 years, the school has provided outstanding educational opportunities for able young people in Coventry and the surrounding area. In 1885 the school moved to its present site - by happy coincidence close to Coventry railway station. The school has a very large catchment area extending to Birmingham, Northampton, Nuneaton, Leamington Spa and beyond.

Badly damaged during the bombing of Coventry, the building was restored in a spirit of continuity while taking the opportunity to extend and improve its facilities. In the mid l990s a series of major additions were made, including a new Sixth Form Centre and Junior School. The library was re-modelled to incorporate IT (information technology) facilities, as part of an IT network throughout the school. A new dining room was built and the original Junior School was converted to subject suites for English and modern languages. It is planned to provide a sports hall and swimming pool - facilities currently available to us on the site of our sister-school, Bablake - in the near future.

Work in the LibraryWhat does King Henry VIII offer today?

King Henry Vlll offers membership of a caring community committed to getting the best from all individuals and to giving them the confidence to regard the exceptional as the achievable.

King Henry Vlll's academic record is one of the best in Britain, offering outstanding teachers, small classes and superb facilities. King Henry Vlll provides an unusually wide range of high quality extra-curricular activities. King Henry Vlll has been identified in an authoritative national survey as one of the 10 best value for money schools in the country.

Caring for the Individual

Individual Resource WorkAn effective and comprehensive system of pastoral care is a very high priority at King Henry Vlll. The lynch pin is the Form Tutor who takes a close interest in every aspect of the pupil's school life and general welfare. The Form Tutor is assisted by a Head of Year. Valuable support in maintaining health and making counselling available is provided by the School Nurse.

Prefects are chosen from the Sixth Form to develop their qualities of leadership and play an important role in the organisation of the school. School rules are based on common sense and good manners and, in general, authority is only exercised at the level required to ensure a disciplined and orderly atmosphere. The emphasis is on self discipline and respect for others. A high priority is given to courtesy and consideration, based on the principle that every individual in the school community is of equal importance and value.

New pupils - whether entering in Years 7, 8, 9 or the Sixth Form - are carefully monitored. Both staff and pupils are actively involved in making newcomers feel welcome.

AthleticsThe House System

Every pupil becomes a member of one of the school's four houses: Hales', Holland's, Sherwyn's and White's. The house system plays an important part in the life of the school, structuring and stimulating cooperative and competitive activities. In addition to the keenly contested sporting tournaments, the House music and drama festivals are major events in the school calendar.

Current Fees
Registration & Admission Fee
A Registration Fee of 35 is to be sent with Registration Form. Please make cheques payable to King Henry VIII School. The Admission Fee is 300 payable for all pupils on acceptance of a place.
Current Tuition Fee
1,728 per term which is inclusive of all teaching materials and books.

Please note that the Governors reserve the right to alter the fees from time to time.

Bursaries are awarded on the basis of financial need: candidates should check the appropriate box on the Application Form and subsequently parents will be required to submit financial details. All candidates for Year 7 entry will automatically be considered for scholarships in Mathematics, English and General Excellence.

Music Scholarships are also available for Year 7 entrants: candidates should complete the separate Application Form which must be submitted along with the main Application Form. Additional scholarships, two music and two academic, become available for candidates entering the Sixth Form. All bursaries and scholarships are subject to periodic review in the light of the performance of he pupil.

For further details of financial assistance please contact Mrs. C. Allen, Treasurer at King Henry VIII School.


  1. Individual Instrumental Music lessons; the fee is determined by arrangement with the teacher concerned.
  2. Lunches: a two course hot meal purchases from the School Cafeteria costs approximately 1.90. Sandwiches and light snacks are also available.
  3. Educational visits: parents are expected to make a contribution to various educational visits arranged by the School, departments within the School and individual members of Staff.

Term Dates





Spring Term Begins

Thursday 11th January


Spring Term Ends

Wednesday 4th April


Half –Term

Monday 19th February (one week)


Summer Term Begins

Tuesday 24th April


Summer Term Ends

Thursday 5th July



Friday 25th May (one week)


Autumn Term Begins

Thursday 6th September


Autumn Term ends

Wednesday 19th December



Monday 22nd October (one week)





Spring Term Begins

Thursday 10th January


Spring Term Ends

Wednesday 27th March



Monday 11th February (one week)


Summer Term Begins

Tuesday 16th April


May Day

Monday 6th May


Summer Term Ends

Thursday 4th July



Monday 3rd June (one week)

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